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Single Reduction

Worm Gear Reducers

Double Reduction

Worm - Worm Gear Reducers

Double Reduction

Helical - Worm Gear Reducers





Ratio Multipliers

Accessories and

Additional Capabilities

Oversized positively-retained

high speed input shaft bearing

for higher shock load capacity,

shaft alignment and seal life. Ideal

for frequent starting and reversing


Tapered roller bearings

on output

shaft for high overhung and thrust

load capacities.

Robust output shaft


high strength steel alloy

for superior torque and

overhung load capacities.

High capacity oil reservoir

reduces noise, aids heat

dissipation and lubricates for

life. Multiple venting options

for multi-position mounting.

Factory filled with premium

synthetic Mobil Glygoyle 460

polyalkalene glycol (PAG)




premium quality, double lip seals

provide extended life and resistance to high

temperature, abrasion and chemicals. Only

non-rusting rubber O.D. seals used in all

exposed locations.

Single-piece, alloy steel

input worm shaft.

High lead

angle worm is case-hardened,

ground and polished for

enhanced efficiency and noise


EL Series One piece 356T cast

aluminum housing

to provide

strength and rigidity. Polished finish

also available.

EL Series Mounting dimensions

same as

the original Electra-Gear product with an option

to match the industry standard dimensions of

Grove Gear.

GR and NH Series Mounting dimensions

are interchangeable

with Baldor 900 series,

Boston Gear, Browning Raider, Falk, Morse

Invader and other “industry standard”


DIN1705 (CuSn45Ni4) bronze alloy

provides maximum strength, lubricity

and superior life.

O-rings on input and output


eliminate gaskets,

sealants and leaks.

Precision mounting surfaces

and extra

threaded bolt holes on top and bottom for

flexibility and to accept a wide range of stock

mounting accessories.

Single output cover


provides precise centering of gear

for lower noise levels and higher

overall gear efficiencies. Output

shaft comes out non-cover side

as standard.


Aluminum Gear Reducers

Built For Industrial Use