Worm Gear Reducers

Cast Iron (GR Series)

Full-feature worm gear reducers from 1.33" to 10" CD. More »

Stainless Steel (SS Series)

Maximum service in critically clean environments. More »

Bravo Aluminum

Up to 2/3 smaller and 1/3 lighter than cast iron reducers. More »

Aluminum (EL Series)

Clean, paint-free aluminum finish in sizes from 1.33" to 6" CD. More »

Cast Iron – Narrow (NH Series)

Compact housing design to fit in reduced space allocations. More »

Quadro Aluminum Worm Gear Reducers

Aluminum worm gear reducers with unique square design. More »

High Efficiency Gear Reducers

Stainless Steel E Series

Stainless Steel E Series More »

Helical-Inline Aluminum (P Series)

Design is interchangeable with worldwide brands. More »

Helical-Bevel Cast Iron (K Series)

Six sizes available with ratings to over 130HP. More »

E Series Right Angle

High Efficiency Right Angle Gear Reducer reduces inventory. More »

Helical-Inline Cast Iron (R Series)

More »

Parallel Shaft Cast Iron (F Series)

Four sizes available with ratings to 20HP. More »

Ratio Multipliers


Ideal as a speed increaser or reducer based on application. More »

Stainless Steel TX

Stainless Steel housing provides protection in harsh areas. More »


Dual purpose design offers reduction of inventory. More »

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